Greetings! My experience with Egger Truck and Machine Ltd. was above and beyond the normal expected from any company like yours. I only visited your place of business once and although you did not have the type of equipment in stock which I required at the price I could afford, I was given a business card by Sheldon which had the website on it. I was able to check the website, find the machine that I wanted; with the equipment that I required, and consumate a purchase over the internet without even seeing the machine. It was delivered to my home and I was really satisfied with the purchase, which was at a price I could afford. When there was a problem with one part of the equipment you came back, took it to your shop, fixed it, and brought it back to me.

When I am not sure about something, if something goes wrong, or I do not know how to fix it myself, one of your staff is always there to help me over the phone. You have gone above and beyond what a normal business goes to with your sales and service and I am truly grateful more than words can say.

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Egger Truck & Machine Ltd.

85 Robinson Road
Dunnville   Ontario , N1A 2W1

905-774-1060 1-800-429-8819

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