I very much appreciate that a PERSON always answers the phone when I call. Then without delay, the person connects me to the individual I need to speak to. There is no automated phone system - no "press one for this, or two for that", or waiting on hold for long periods of time. Also, when an individual answers the phone they immediately identify themselves so I know who I am speaking to. It is clearly apparent that all of the people at this dealership are happy working there. There is always a helpful, cooperative team effort on display. I always feel that each team member goes the extra mile to help me. Unlike other places I shop, no one 'blames' or bad-mouths other people at the dealership. If something is not right, they will attempt to find a person who can correct my problem.

Furthermore, the sales staff makes a point of knowing your name and who you are, and they remember the particulars of your last call or visit. If you have an issue with the machine you purchased, the service people go outside the building with you to see your machine and identify your problem. The sales people are very knowledgeable about their products and they LISTEN to what you have to say. The owner is also a sales person and he always makes me feel that I am a valuable and important customer.
I appreciate that when I go to this dealer, there are plenty of models on hand to view. Not just basic models, but those with various options/accessories on display so I can see them. It is great that they deliver your order at your convenience by qualified personnel that are knowledgeable about the machine being delivered. The person provides a tutorial on how the machine operates and answers any questions I might have. They also explain the warranty, and when the warranty work is needed it is done promptly. The mechanics do a very good job on all service work.

I am very satisfied with my Kioti products and the service provided by my dealer. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone. In fact, I am surprised that more people don't own Kioti products as I find the quality and durability of these products to be as good as other more well-known brands. Things that are optional features on other brands are standard on Kioti equipment. I appreciate not being nickeled and dimed on these things. I also like the length of the warranty.

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85 Robinson Road
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